• The ‘Institute’ was built on the core understanding that our methodology must encompass all facets of Performance. The BPI way was inspired by the teachings of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. His philosophy and understanding of strengths and weaknesses within each form of martial arts lead him to create his own formless discipline.
  • Performance is Formless. Within Performance one must master several different disciplines and integrate them seamlessly to truly reach maximum potential.
  • We at the ‘Institute’ understand the delicacy of uniting the constructs to assist our athletes or clients to perform no matter what the external environment.


  • The ‘Initiative’ was developed to create the premiere performance enhancement institution for achievement oriented people who want an advantage over their competition. Bender Performance offers a comprehensive mental and physical conditioning program that develops the total athlete both on and off the field.
  • BPI teaches people at any skill level how to unlock their true performance potential. We set out to serve athletes strategically and ethically by uniquely harmonizing science with its application to sport into a comprehensive training system to aid in the pursuit of each individual’s dream.
  • In order to achieve maximum results, Bender Performance builds training programs so that each athlete or client has a program tailored specifically to their individual goals.


  • The ‘Identity’ portion of performance is founded on the comprehension of the science, sport, and how to integrate and align the performance systems. By discovering the summative and interconnected relationship of training factors an individual identifies the need for alignment and communication with its implications.
  • In the analysis of competition within the matrix of performance, an athlete must address their weaknesses, fortify strengths, establish a support network, use every resource available, and find a way no matter what it takes.
  • The ‘Identity’ of an athlete is intimately related to the reaching or raising of their genetic ceiling, the length of their career, the reduction of injuries and their management, the adaptation to stimuli during competition, and the mindset dedicated to preparation against internal / external factors.
  • Our specialists create a customized and integrated training program designed to better support the needs and goals of each individual while educating how to sustain performance throughout their career.