A major issue has troubled coaches and athletes alike since the beginning of structured athletics: How do we balance game play with training? A regular observation by the coaching elite is that we play too much and train too little.  Even great coaches admit they can’t fix habitual problems during games, and that game time can often hurt the quality of play if not balanced with skill training.

The proper development of the core fundamentals is simply the greatest factor in what separates average players from great players and what separates average seasons from championships.

But what is the most effective way to develop these fundamentals? To address this issue, we believe that all athletes require intense skill instruction in a safe and positive environment to instill the fundamentals that are the bedrock of success in any sport.  In addition, to test these skills, showcase abilities, stretch and grow as a player, athletes also need a healthy environment of competition where the tempo, pace, and flow of the game are engrained.

For this reason, BPI Training, is designed to lead athletes of all ages through a structured program that operates like a camp and a league all-in-one, allowing athletes to Train, Compete and Achieve.  At Bender Performance, you can expect a devoted staff and a faculty whose only objective is to help you reach your athletic goals.