Bender Performance brings a very unique perspective to their role as a Performance Manager by combining personal experience as a professional Coach along with expertise in sports management.  We don’t just appear once a year at contract time. BPI Management offers year round professional Medical Supervision that can be called upon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Bender Performance has spent over 20 years perfecting the delivery of Performance Disciplines, working with the top professional athletes, teams and athletic programs in the world today. We customize programs for athletes’ individual needs to maximize your potential. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to improve the total athlete, on and off the field, so that you can gain an advantage over the competition.


BPI offers a team of trained professionals to ensure your career is in the right hands.  We feel that no one person is an expert in all the associated fields required. To comprehensively manage and promote all facets of a professional athlete’s life and career there needs to be a team approach. That’s why Bender Performance offers you a professional management team.

The personal attention, education, and tools once afforded only to the most elite professionals are now available to any athlete with a desire to raise their game. We believe every athlete can increase their level of performance through smart and effective training programs regardless of age or athletic experience. We have the expertise and passion. All we need is you.


  • Achieving Desired Goals
  • Time Management and Savings
  • Assessment of Medical Pitfalls
  • Providing Truth to Medical Value
  • Maintaining Maximum Performance
  • Injury Prevention and Management
  • Provision of Expert Advice and Direction
  • Creating and Managing National Medical Team