Alpha Pro is a pioneer in athletic performance enhancement. We are committed to providing an atmosphere that is comprehensive in the aspects of education, integrity and an overall commitment to the athlete. Through the integration of scientific research, we offer a uniquely harmonized program that is dedicated to achieving athletic excellence. We feel obligated to reciprocate our athlete’s passion of sport and will seek to provide only the highest level of service and professionalism.

The science is clear.  Physical activity does more than create good health.  It contributes to leadership, productivity and innovation.  It lowers drepression and crime, increases educational achievement and income levels, and generates returns to businesses.

The intellectual, physical, social, and emotional assets of individuals will drive lasting change forward.  This is an investment in an extraordinary cross-cutting solution that fuels human capital and human potential.



B.A.T.S utilizes a multifaceted approach applying the seamless integration of all Allied Health disciplines. The system is only as good as its results-B.A.T.S gets RESULTS! The team of specialists will provide you with the necessary tools and education to achieve all your goals. When an Athlete walks through our doors, they walk into a world, where maximizing Athletic Potential is our Anthem.