Since 1998, Tom Bender has been an innovative leader in the Sports Performance Training Industry, creating and developing strength, speed and conditioning models for thousands of players and coaches in the South East United States.

With over twenty years of experience in Speed and Performance Training, Tom Bender is the Founder and Chief Performance Officer of Bender Performance and esteemed as one of Leading Sports Performance Specialists in the United States. Coach Bender has directed high school, collegiate, and professional athletes in Speed and Strength Development.

Coach Bender currently travels the country consulting and training professional athletes in all major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS) in the pursuit of the advancement of his vision for Athletic Performance Enhancement.

Throughout his career Tom Bender has successfully trained over
300 professional athletes, including 20 NFL All-Pros.

Coach Bender is highly sought after for his ability to analyze and correct biomechanical dysfunction. Through his unique ability to harmonize multiple allied health disciplines, Coach Bender has made dramatic improvements in an Athlete’s Speed, Power, Agility and overall Athletic Performance.

He has served as a Wellness / Performance Director for several community-based organizations creating their curriculum and performance standards. He was instrumental in developing Sports Performance Training in the Greater Atlanta area and remains active throughout the community. Coach Bender recently returned from his prestigious position at The IMG-BOLLETIERI Academies in Bradenton, Florida to pursue his vision for Athletic Performance Enhancement.